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Charles Luney – Master Builder - THE FILM

Charles Luney, started his business in 1926; responsible for building the Christchurch Town Hall, The Hospital and most of the major structures in Christchurch is an enigma, a man born during the depression who shaped a city and lived to 101... (pre -order now)

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Buildings that Charles Luney built in Christchurch before the Quakes:

Princess Margaret Hospital, Christchurch Town Hall, Christchurch Public Library, Trust Bank Building, Burwood Hospital Extensions, Parkroyal Hotel, Dunedin Dental School, Government Life Offices, Reserve Bank , Associated British Cables Company, SIMU Offices, James Hight Library University of Canterbury, AMP Complex, Canterbury Building Society, Geography & Phsychology Blocks University of Canterbury, NZ Refrigeration Offices, National Bank of NZ, BNZ Office Block, Unisys Link Dev. Centre, Databank Systems, United Building Society, Christchurch Hospital refurbishment, Westpac Trust Centre, Christhcurch Convention Centre, Fino Casementi, Repertory Theatre and many more...



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